Industrial food brokers/traders specializing in fruit juices, concentrates, fruit purees and essences,
fresh & frozen fruits, dried fruits & nuts, health food juices & powders.

Facts & FAQ's

What does Herb Barber & Sons do?
Our function, as a broker, is to find buyers for those companies or growers that sell industrial, bulk products and to provide a service to the buyers by helping them locate the type and quality of the product they want. One important advantage our service provides is that we have several sources of supply for most products, both domestic and imported. This is important to our buyer clients, as most are concerned, not only with quality, but also in obtaining the most competitive pricing for each product. This may require locating domestic and/or imported ingredients at various times of the year. We can help.

As a trading company we warehouse Concord grape concentrate and essence from many sources.

What are your major product lines?
Our major product lines include industrial fruit juices, concentrates, essences, purees, fresh and frozen fruit plus dried fruits and nuts. We have extensive experience with Concord and other grape varietals, so tend to follow these markets closely. We handle grapes as freshly harvested, as juices, purees or concentrates including Concord, Niagara, Red and White and many Vinifera varietals. We also have excellent sources for Apple, Peach, Pear, Pineapple, Tropicals and other fruit juices and concentrates, as well as berry juices and concentrates such as Blackberry, Cranberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, etc.

Most of our products can be certified Kosher and many are organic.
What other products do we handle?

• Frozen Fruit
   We offer the full line of frozen fruits, either packed IQF, block frozen or as puree.

• Vegetable Purees and Concentrates

• Organic Products
   We can offer certified organic bulk juices, concentrates, purees, frozen fruits, dried fruits and nuts, honey and molasses.

• Fruit Essences
   We handle the full line of natural fruit essences.

• Ropak Harvesting Lugs
   We also sell food grade, polyethylene lugs for harvesting crops, in factories and homes.
Other sales opportunities
We may be able to help you find markets for any surplus ingredients you may have.

How are your products packaged?
May be as freshly harvested or frozen truckloads, juice in tank trucks, frozen in cartons or pails or in drums - aseptic or frozen.