Industrial food brokers/traders specializing in fruit juices, concentrates, fruit purees and essences,
fresh & frozen fruits, dried fruits & nuts, health food juices & powders.

Some additional product information

Please call for details, quotes and samples.

  • Concord type grape concentrate, AJC and Acerola juice, 8000 color Purple Grape concentrate comes from Brazil.
  • Hand picked Vinifera Grapes and juices from most varieties of Vinifera, French Hybrid and Labrusca produced in Washington.  They are available as hand picked bunches of grapes packed in cartons or in 900 lb cardboard watermelon bins or tankers of juice.
  • Grape seeds/grape seed oil – ask for details
  • Crushed Orange, Lemon and Lime Citrus Purees
  • Bulk grape juice concentrates from California.